Abd-el-Kader and France’s Conquest of Algeria

Musée d'Histoire : Soumission d'Abd-el-Kader (HDR). Pellerin, imprimeur ; Jean-Baptiste Vanson (Épinal, 1820 - Épinal, 1870). XIXe siècle, estampe sur papier colorié au pochoir, Épinal Coll. Musée de l'image, Épinal, N°inv. D 990.2.55 C

Today, Arabs fighting the West brings images of terrorists blowing up women and children so this story of the Algerian Sultan who fought and beat back the French in the long war of the 1830’s and 1840’s brings a needed balance.  Pitched battles were fought; the Arab side won; and treaties were signed

Abd-el-Kader Surrenders
Abd el-Kader’s Surrender in 1847
CC BY-SA 3.0 image from Wikipedia.

.  In the end it took treachery, a 110 thousand+ army, and tribal disloyalty to bring Abd-el-Dader down.  Had the Algerian tribes stayed on the opposition, the French would not have won in the end.  http://dld.bz/fjGYt