Egypt's Treasury Looted (Very Old Story)

One of the advantages of blogging is that I sometimes come across some very cool stuff. For example, I came acoss this story in Herodotus about what must be ranked as one the great heists in history.

(a) This king, they said, got great wealth of silver, which none of the kings born after him could surpass or even come near to; and wishing to store his wealth in safety he caused to be built a chamber of stone, one of the walls whereof was towards the outside of his palace: and the builder of this, having a design against it, contrived as follows, that is, he disposed one of the stones in such a manner that it could be taken out easily from the wall either by two men or even by one. So when the chamber was finished, the king stored his money in it, and after some time the builder, being near the end of his life, called to him his sons (for he had two) and to them he related how he had contrived in building the treasury of the king, and all in forethought for them, that they might have ample means of living. And when he had clearly set forth to them everything concerning the taking out of the stone, he gave them the measurements, saying that if they paid heed to this matter they would be stewards of the king’s treasury. So he ended his life, and his sons made no long delay in setting to work, but went to the palace by night, and having found the stone in the wall of the chamber they dealt with it easily and carried forth for themselves great quantity of the wealth within.

Part II of this story to follow.

Sadly, we just experienced something a lot worse. Obama seems to have made a whole lot of money disappear, too. In our case, it’s called “stimulus” spending and we know who got it: the special interest groups.

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