The Devil Made Obama Do It

Re: Gitmo. The new spin is that the Republicans made him follow Bush’s policies. – An excuse for everything but . . . Can there be anything to this?

Remember Reagan’s deficits were accompanied by loud cries in the establishment media about how necessary for him to “compromise and cooperate” with the Democrats in Congress. In his time, the Democrats controlled the House and also at the end controlled the Senate, too. It was unfair to lay all the blame for the deficits on him and it may be unfair to blame all that’s wrong on Obama, too.

However, the President is the one guy in the position to do things if anybody is. One gets the sense that Bush was really right on these national security issues and that, more than the politics, is what’s driving Obama’s Gitmo decisions.

I suppose that they could have said, β€œThe devil made me do it. – And the Republicans but I repeat myself.”