Foreign Policy Institute Releases Briefing Book - Wow!

The Foreign Policy Institute has developed a wonderful briefing book on world affairs. You can read it online here for free. Just click the link.

Anybody who wants to learn about foreign policy ought to read this book. It is filled with wonderful articles about every area of the world from many of our country’s leading thinkers.

My own highlights:
Decline is a Choice, Charles Krauthammer
FPI Fact Sheet: The case for a fully resourced counterinsurgency strategy for Afghanistan
Iran Outlook: Grim, John R. Bolton, National Review
A Road Map for Asian-Pacific Security, Gary J. Schmitt, American Enterprise Institute
Center Stage for the 21st Century, Robert D. Kaplan, Foreign Affairs
Open Letter to President Obama on Central Europe, Multiple Authors,The Foreign Policy Initiative
The Colombian Miracle, Max Boot and Richard Bennet, The Weekly Standard
Pirates, Then and Now, Max Boot, Foreign Affairs
Obama and Gates Gut the Military, Thomas Donnelly and Gary Schmitt, Wall Street Journal

These are just a few among the many wonderful articles in this book. Must read! (And it’s free!!!)

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