Kennedy RIP: End of an Era

Lots of eulogies of Edward Kennedy.  Here’s a larger view of the significance of this event.

This is the first time since 1956 that there has not been a Kennedy on the national scene in the first rank.  At the 1956 Democratic National Convention, John F. Kennedy mounted a short-lived bid for the Vice-Presidential nomination.  While he lost to Estes Kefauver, he emerged from that convention as a national figure and a contender for President in 1960.

Since then, there has been a Kennedy as a possible contender for top honors through the 1980’s.  After Ted Kennedy’s loss of the presidential campaign in 1980 to Jimmy Carter, he gradually fell back upon Senate power.  He was a major player in the Senate until his death a couple days ago.

There are other Kennedys, of course.  A Kennedy may even be elected to replace him in the Senate.  But no Kennedy will have front-rank stature and this marks a change in America’s politics.

No Kennedy in the front rank.  An era has passed.