Christine O'Donnell is NOT worthy of your Admiration & Support

You read that title and automatically think, this diary post is going to be a bunch of malarkey about how Christine doesn’t pay her mortgage, her taxes, her campaign staff, or her debts.  That it will be a post regarding her personal ethics and how that should be taken into account when deciding to send her a check (as that’s the best most of you can do as you’re out of state) or vote for her.  If you think that, you’re wrong as this diary post is just that- a diary post about my personal experiences regarding Christine O’Donnell from 2006 to the present date, and why I am incapable of supporting her because of them.  Indulge me as I first tell you a little story:

Christine O’Donnell burst onto the scene in Delaware as a champion of the Pro-life movement in 2006.  At the Delaware Republican Convention that year, delegates like myself and others nominated Jan Ting to be our candidate against Tom Carper, former Governor and the man who beat Bill Roth in 2000.  There were only 2 candidates in the race at that time, Perennial statewide candidate Mike Protack, and professor Jan Ting (who proudly claimed he would be the first Asian-American Republican elected Senator).  Sadly, neither candidate had any quality to them that would make them worthy of being elected in Delaware above Tom Carper.  Queue Christine O’Donnell.

Her billboard signs including her “very beautiful picture” started popping up around Delaware.  She had determined that both Republican candidates were NOT pro-life, and she decided to take a stand.  It was admirable really.  By September it became all too clear that Jan Ting had no heart at all for the race, and Christine O’Donnell had volunteers supporting her actively.  She had some excitement to her, was polished at giving red meat speeches, and earned the respect of a sizable number of Republican activists in Delaware.

She came in 3rd in the Republican Primary, garnering a very small number of the vote.  Nevertheless, she decided to run a write-in campaign into the general election that year.  Knowing that Jan Ting had absolutely zero chance at winning, I cast my vote in 2006 in the general FOR Christine O’Donnell.  My hope was that she would be seen as a rising star, and thus able to effectively challenge Joe Biden in 2008.  In fact, that wasn’t just my hope, it was the hope of more than 60% of the Republican delegates at our convention in 2008.

We saw her energy, we saw her volunteers from the previous year.  So in 2008, she would be running against Joe Biden with our support.  In all honesty though, a lot of us supported her because we wanted two things from her.  The first were her volunteers and the activity and energy that she brought to the table in 2008.  We were putting together what we thought was a strong ticket in Delaware, and wanted a woman on the ticket that had what appeared to be a strong, rabid following. The second was that we wanted her promises fulfilled.  She had alleged National connections and would essentially be able to run a well funded race against Cool Joe.

She made all sorts of promises in 2008 that she didn’t fulfill.  The first being that Sean Hannity had “promised me he’s going to come to Delaware and host a fundraiser for me”.  She predicted that she would use her connections in the media to raise the resources needed to defeat Joe Biden.  She promised an army of volunteers and women.  The problem with those promises and predictions were that they were ‘just words’.

Christine did no such thing.  Her volunteers were non-existent in 2008.  She did no outreach to the Social Conservative and religious community.  She failed to show up at numerous important, no vital-to-any-serious-campaign, events, and if she did, I saw evidence of the absolute worst campaigning I have ever seen in my life.  I observed her getting into verbal arguments with voters at the JCC debate in September, making an absolute fool of herself.  I saw that she didn’t have the capacity to listen to someone with a somewhat opposing view, and be able to convince them to join her.  She still has not learned her lesson!  All one has to do is listen to her radio interview with Jim G on WGMD to see that she’s still argumentative— even with people who supported her in the past.

Christine has a chip on her shoulder.  She got fired from a job with a very honorable and respectful institution in Delaware.  Then she attempted to besmirch their good name with a sexual harassment lawsuit.  This was an issue that I really didn’t think too much of in 2006 or 2008.  But the more that I think about it, the more I see that it alludes deeper to her character as a person then anything.  Who makes such a strong accusation just to withdraw it?  Just words again?

This year there have been a large number of events that if you were a serious candidate in Delaware, you’d ensure you were at these events.  But again, Christine hasn’t shown up.  She’s been busy on the National circuit trying to garner some National Attention to the race.  She has been clear since the New York Special Election that that was her goal: to get attention to the race for her.  Her goal should be to win in Delaware- NOT to become a National TV star.

So how goes her campaign in Delaware?  While Mike Castle is putting together a strong ground game for the general election, working with other candidate across the State so Republicans across the board can make electoral gains- Christine O’Donnell’s campaign only exists on paper, on the interwebs, and on friendly radio shows. Her campaign has no ground game that I can see.  The only people on the ground are tea partiers who are incredibly disorganized and have never run campaigns in Delaware before- and they are not a part of HER campaign.

I already mentioned that her campaign in 2008 was pathetic, but I haven’t shared actual results with you.  In fact, I encourage you to check out the 08 results at Elections.delaware.gov , and click on “View results by Election District”.  I urge you to compare the vote totals among Republicans running statewide, as well as locally- with HER results.  You will see, VERY CLEARLY, that Christine O’Donnell received the LOWEST vote total of nearly every Republican candidate up for office (ANY office- state/local/etc) in nearly every election district. She didn’t just lose….

The issues with Christine O’Donnell go far beyond the simple, fails to pay her mortgage, fails to pay her taxes, fails to pay her campaign staff.  She’s self-righteous, and only a talker.  She’s polished at red meat speeches, but she crashes and burns the instant a controversial question is sent her way.

So, when considering whether or write that check or waste your time with what you hope will be the second coming of Joe Miller.  Remember that Christine O’Donnell, is no Joe Miller- and that she’s lost the respect of many a Republican in Delaware in the past 3 years.