Conviction is the Key for John McCain

Tonight I saw a Reaganesque John McCain for the first time this campaign.While Barack Obama took great strains to make sure his word choice was even-tilled and didn’t isolate anyone; John McCain demonstrated he is a made of conviction, adhering to basic conservative principles.

Whether Rick Warren asked a question regarding abortion, taxation, or “what SCOTUS jurist would you have not nominated”: the major theme for the evening was “what’s your conviction”, because in the end that’s all evangelical christians and ordinary Americans care about. What do you believe? And what does that mean to you?This is the reason why I initially supported Mike Huckabee. His “defining moment” came for me in the mass-debate in South Carolina when he clearly stated “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.” At that point, he was not saying, “I’m a religious bigot” or “I only care about issues of spirituality”; rather he was telling me he could be trusted because he stated that which was next to his heart regardless of any consequence. He demonstrated for me that he can be Trusted to keep his word and to uphold the virtue and character of the Presidency. Tonight, John McCain had his moment as well.

Before we examine McCain’s evening, lets look at the way Obama answered questions (not just his answers)in his interview. His approach was one of caution, attempting to avoid any red flag possible. He attempted to pull at evangelical heart strings by speaking “for the least of these”, but did so in a way that was stumbled upon and suspicious.

His praise for faith based organizations was muddled with verbage that would lead to the largest expansion of the federal government since LBJ. His answers constantly begged the question, and were spoken in the chopiest oratory I have every heard from Mr. Obama. Not once did he speak of Hope or explain his idea of “Change”, but rather seemed like an unpracticed and entirely inexperienced candidate and leader.

On the opposing side, McCain was direct and to the point with quick straighforward answers that he backed up with eloquently told episodes of his life that led to his conviction. He spoke with a fervor against oustanding government spending and excess taxation. His solution to health care and education do not require greater excesses from the Federal Teet, but rather consist of additional tax credits and less governmental intervention.

Regarding Foreign Policy and Judges John McCain showed he is more than level-headed regarding these important issues and made the case that he can be trusted as commander-in-chief as well as appointer-in-chief.

Truly, the “fire in the belly” was with John McCain tonight at Saddleback, but was definitely missing from Barack Obama. His convictions stood out to me and I am positive it stood out to other evangelicals and other ordinary Americans.

As citizens of this great country, we want a leader. Someone we can get behind who we are able to trust. We stood with GWB in 2004 because he was unwavering his his convictions whereas JF Kerry was all over the place in his. Tonight John McCain demonstrated he is that leader, while Barack Obama clearly demonstrated he is not.