If I had a daughter, she would look like Kala Golden

I am sure you have heard of Kala Golden.
A white 28 year old mother who was brutally gunned down by a black female.
Hmmmm, I guess Al Sharpton missed this news story….
I am sure Eric Holder will be filing hate crime charges against Verna McClain any day now….

Nurse had miscarriage before allegedly abducting baby, killing mother, police say

Authorities say a woman accused of killing a young mother and abducting a 3-day-old boy had suffered a recent miscarriage.
Officials in Montgomery County say Verna McClain had told her fiance she had given birth to his child. After she had a miscarriage, McClain allegedly killed Kala Golden and abducted tiny Keegan Golden from outside a pediatrician’s office in suburban Houston. Keegan was found unharmed hours later with McClain’s sister.
The sheriff’s office said Wednesday that McClain tried to represent Keegan as her own child. Her sister allegedly told authorities that McClain had plans to “do the adoption” after taking Keegan.
McClain now faces a capital murder charge and is being held without bail. Her fiancee, who was not identified, is being interviewed by authorities.

Where is the outrage?
What would Al Sharpton and Eric Holder think if thousands of mothers (who never worked a day in their life) marched in Houston pushing baby strollers
demanding “Justice” for Kala Golden?