Who pays Obama's travel bills??

Oh wait a minute – This Texas Tribune article that was picked up by the NYT is asking:

Who Pays Rick Perry’s Travel Bill?

Gov. Rick Perry has been burning up the miles since he won re-election last year. He is on track to have made nearly 50 stops in 21 states by November.

He has been on a book tour. He has been the top pitchman for the Lone Star State’s friendly business climate and an unabashed poacher of jobs from other states. Also, as leader of the Republican Governors Association, he has traveled the country to help Republican candidates for governor.

All that travel is not cheap. But it is unclear exactly how much it costs.

Oh, wait that is different than the amount of money that Obama spends on travel isn’t it?


Mr. Miner described the governor as a frugal traveler who only needs “the bare necessities.”

His definition of frugal, however, may differ from the average Texan’s. Mr. Perry’s journeys around the country and the world have come under scrutiny in the past. Critics like Keith Elkins, the executive director of the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas, said the few records that had been released to the public included rentals for a golf cart and scuba gear during an economic development trip Mr. Perry made to the Bahamas in 2005.

And when it comes to security expenses for the governor, Mr. Elkins said taxpayers should “know specifically how taxpayer money is being spent. Then they can make a decision on whether they support that use of funds or not.”


As a Texan I support Rick Perry and will gladly pay for him to travel all 57 states in defeating Obama.

I am pretty sure Anita Perry won’t be spending the kind of money Michelle Obama has been spending.