Andy Stern - President of the SEIU says Washington D.C. needs to act more communist like

Massachusetts voters’ message to Washington: It’s time for action

Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern released the following statement after Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts.

“The reason Ted Kennedy’s seat is no longer controlled by a Democrat is clear: Washington’s inability to deliver the change voters demanded in November 2008. Make no mistake, political paralysis resulted in electoral failure,” Stern said.

It is tough to see what is really going on when you are blinded by an idiology.
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“The Senate may have squandered the trust the American people gave to Washington in 2008. But now, every member of Congress and the Administration must act with a renewed sense of purpose to show working families whose side they are on and deliver meaningful change to every American. This is not the time for timidity. It is time to show the courage and strength of conviction to move this country forward and bring working families the change they need. It starts by passing health insurance reform and giving Pat and millions of people like her the security and peace of mind they deserve.”

Stern is from another time. The struggle he is fighting should have died a long time ago. The American people were sold a bill of goods with Barack Obama. The people are awake and
labor leaders like Stern will get shoved under the bus soon enough. Real HealthCare reform
needs to start with tort reform and then less government intervention. The results of Tuesday
election are clear. Real HealthCare reform will only get underway after the swamp in Washington D.C. is drained. Real policies – not politics. No deals. Fairness for every American. Not just union workers.