Your president is fighting against you

Obama plans combative turn

President Barack Obama plans a combative response if, as White House aides fear, Democrats lose Tuesday’s special Senate election in Massachusetts, close advisers say.

“This is not a moment that causes the president or anybody who works for him to express any doubt,” a senior administration official said. “It more reinforces the conviction to fight hard.”

A defeat by Martha Coakley for the seat held by the late Edward M. Kennedy would be embarrassing for the party — and potentially debilitating, since Democrats will lose their filibuster-proof, 60-vote hold on the Senate.

A potential casualty: the health care bill that was to be the crowning achievement of the president’s first year in office.

In office less than a year and President Obama wants to fight Americans harder than he fights terrorists. THIS should be the wake-up call for all sitting Republicans in Congress!!
Obama will fight the Republicans harder than he will fight the Taliban.
Obama will fight dirty and bring out whatever he can.

My suggestion is that NO REPUBLICANS show up at the State of the Union address.
In my mind the Union is broken and needs to be re-taken.
Tuesday, January 19, 2010 will go down as the first battle in the New Republican Revolution.

“Give me Liberty or Give me Death”