Sen. Hutchison's Stealth Attack Ad Proves How Out Of Touch She Is WIth Texas

Sen. Hutchison’s Stealth Attack Ad Proves How Out Of Touch She Is WIth Texas

Campaign fails to release ad or provide sourcing information for demonstrably false claims that ignore current state laws.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s campaign has produced a stealth negative attack ad, “Until,” which is now airing on television. However, unlike her past negative ads, the Hutchison campaign has not released this ad or provided any sourcing information for its false content. In addition, Sen. Hutchison has still offered no way to pay for her multi-billion dollar transportation plan.

Senator Hutchison has once again resorted to lying with her latest false and misleading television advertisement. This time her campaign didn’t even bother to provide the public with facts, because there are none. The senator’s 17 years in Washington have apparently left her completely out of touch with Texas, as she continues to discuss phantom problems already addressed by Governor Perry and the Texas legislature.

Sen. Hutchison’s new ad repeats the same “distortion” that Dallas’ WFAA-TV reported the Hutchison campaign was using in its ad Road Signs.”

On 1/5/10, WFAA reported, “[Perry] signed a second bill that would allow the state to switch a free road to a toll road only if voters in that county approve. The state and Perry can’t do anything without voters going along.” WFAA also reported, “Hutchison’s commercial claims, ‘It’s time to end the Trans Texas Corridor.’ But, not so fast. It’s essentially dead. TxDOT told the federal government it won’t be building the key part of it between San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth.”

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