If this country can go boldly forward with it's plan for nuclear power, why can't the US do the same?

Iran Approves Building 10 Enrichment Sites

Under Iranian law, Iran’s nuclear agency has been tasked with providing 20,000 megawatts of electricity through nuclear power plants during in the next 20 years. IRNA said the country needs to build enrichment facilities to produce nuclear fuel for its future power plants.

Now this is the spin Iran put’s on it. So you have to ask yourself – Why would a country that ranks 3rd in the known oil reserves of the world and is the fourth largest oil producer in the world – need to generate it’s power using nuclear energy? Hmmmm, I guess they are concerned with global warming? Maybe they are convinced by what Al Gore has to say?

Or maybe the leaders of Iran are rushing forward – hell bent to develop ICBM Nuclear Warheads?
You think? What will Barry & Hillary do now? Send another strongly worded letter? The UN is impotent in this matter. Now is the time to think about reversing all this pandering to the nutjobs of the world. Maybe now is the time to defund the UN and sell it’s building. The whole irony of this of course – is that Barack Obama may become only the second president in US history to have to drop some nuclear bombs.