I wonder how long Jeff Zeleny will keep his job at the NYT?

Wow, what a refreshing piece of truth telling from the New York Times.
Normally, I never bother to waste the bandwidth to open up a NYT link,
and I usually never do more than scan the main bits.
Jeff Zeleny actually interviewed real people with real concerns!
I don’t know if he is a freelancer or a staff reporter. I can’t believe the NYT editors
let this run a day before the Nov. 3rd elections. You must read it for yourself.

In Iowa, Second Thoughts on Obama

I will post the great quotes from the article. These are priceless:

“Until I see some progress and he lives up to his promises in Iowa, we will not give one penny.”

“I’m afraid I wasn’t realistic,”

“I really thought there would be immediate change,”

– Pauline McAreavy

“I’m scared,”

“The competition right now, with all the people who have lost jobs that are highly qualified, really puts you up against the wall trying to compete.”

– Chris Bollhoefer

“I think he was more presidential when he was running for office than he is now,”

– Paul Johnson

“It’s overdue for him to actually take charge here,”

– Kathy Johnson

“He gave a fairly decent presentation, but that’s what it turned out to be — a presentation,”

– John Sager

“I hate to vote against someone, I want to vote for someone.”

– Kathy Shaffer

Maybe there is hope for some real change?