Kay "BailOut" Hutchison may be waking from her slumber, but it is too late.

Now if you read Redstate very much then you will know I am not a fan of Kay “BailOut” Hutchison, for many reasons. Number One is that I support Rick Perry because of his fierce devotion to Texas and his fighting spirit against Washington.

So I read with interest about how Kay “BailOut” is now questioning the Czars of Obama.

The Framers of the Constitution knew that the document founding our democracy must be the anchor of liberty and the blueprint for its preservation. Wisely, they provided a balance of powers to ensure that no individual and no single arm of government could ever wield unchecked authority against the American people.

Nearly 250 years later, these critical lines of separation are being obscured by a new class of federal officials. A few of them have formal titles, but most are simply known as “czars.” They hold unknown levels of power over broad swaths of policy. Under the Obama administration, we have an unprecedented 32 czar posts (a few of which it has yet to fill), including a “car czar,” a “pay czar” and an “information czar.” There are also czars assigned to some of the broadest and most consequential topics in policy, including health care, terrorism, economics and key geographic regions.

The deployment of this many czars sets a dangerous precedent that undermines the Constitution’s guarantee of separated powers. It must be stopped. President Obama should submit each of his many policy czars to the Senate so that we can review their qualifications, roles and the limits on their authority. To deliver anything less is to deny the American public the accountability and transparency the Constitution guarantees.

Good for her. She can do this because in a few weeks she will probably leave Washington and her 16 year career of being a Washington insider. She says she will resign to take on the popular governor of the strongest state in the nation.

I like to follow TexasFred, he gets to the point.

The governor’s campaign spokesman is correct. Hutchison is a RINO Washington insider. She has NO idea what the people of Texas are up against. Case in point; Hutchison was on board with the Bush Amnesty Plan and she was pushing the Immigrant Dream Act for all it was worth, all the while opposing border fences.

Fences make good neighbors. Apparently Sen. Hutchison forgot that Texas axiom along the way.

Hutchison voted FOR the 1st bail out debacle, the mother of all this current bail out obamanure. She was right there in lockstep with George W. Bush on the 1st bailout, as was her partner in the Senate, John Cornyn. And we all know that there’s a group here in Texas that touts Cornyn as, “A strong conservative voice in Washington.”

Hutchison is NOT a Conservative, Texas hasn’t had a Conservative in the Senate for a long time now. Hutchison went to the RINO column several years ago and has never extricated herself from the clutches of Washington politics.

Sen. Hutchison is right, we DO need better leadership. Rick Perry may not be perfect, but he’s far and away better for Texas than Kay Bailey Hutchison. Rick Perry is not, to the best of my knowledge, a hypocrite. Rick Perry turned down federal stimulus money offered by Congress and President Barack Obama. Hutchison criticizes him for it too. As I said, Hutchison, RINO and Washington insider, feeding at the PUBLIC trough!

Rick Perry may have made a few mistakes during his time as Texas Governor. Find me ANY elected official that hasn’t made a few mistakes and I’ll show you an elected official that hasn’t done ANY work, of ANY kind, at ANY time.

“To make a political point, we turned down half a billion in federal money, sacrificed it to other states, and now we’re borrowing three times as much and sticking Texas businesses with the tab,” she said.

“That’s not conservative. That’s irresponsible. We can do better.”

No Senator, that IS Conservative, and you apparently don’t have a clue as to the definition of the word conservative. Texas IS borrowing, and paying back, that is called Doing Business. That half a billion dollars was tax money taken from the American people, and yes, it was being given back to the American people, in a robbing Peter to pay Paul ponzi scheme. I personally applaud Rick Perry for turning down payoffs offered by the spawn of Satan that currently inhabits the Oval Office.

Sen. Hutchison is not evil, but in MY opinion, she is WRONG for Texas. She is long past her time of serious effectiveness in the Senate, and she knows it. Otherwise, WHY is she coming home to run for Governor? And as much as I honestly believe that Hutchison needs to retire from the Senate, I also honestly believe that she will be a disaster if the people of Texas fall for her RINO speeches and hypocritical words and elect her Governor.

Apparently, Washington Kay has figured out a few tricks in her 16 years as a DC insider.

Senator’s campaign website suffers search-engine death penalty for embedding invisible homophobic slur against opponent.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) is running for governor, but her website has suffered Google and Yahoo’s death penalty and has been removed from the search index. The reason: Hutchison’s webmaster embedded thousands of invisible search-terms in the site in a bid to game search-engines; among them was the phrase “rick perry gay” (Rick Perry is Hutchison’s Republican opponent). The campaign claims the terms were generated automatically by “search engine optimization” software (SEO is a form of Google-Kremlinology in which firms attempt to figure out how to game search engines’ ranking algorithms, rather than trying to create the best, most interesting website they can and assuming that the engines will figure out how to highly rank their material).

So, old Kay Bailout is trying to garner some support from the conservatives by writing an op-ed piece that is pandering to the conservative crowd. Kay Bailout’s lefty supporters won’t be happy. I am sure they will voice their strong opinion on her Facebook page of why Kay Bailout was wrong to question their dear leader.