Washington Kay's Crew

During her 16 years in the Senate, Washington Kay has waffled on most
issues, including her support for party leaders, and has aligned with
whoever might best help her self-interests. Her extended stay in Washington
has left Texans wondering which party she really belongs in. You’ll
recognize her current Washington friends and acquaintances as some of the
tax-and-spend liberals who have helped Sen. Hutchison create the massive
deficit that future generations now face.

This past Saturday, Washington Kay stood before Texans and insisted that she was a more “enlightened” leader for Texas. That’s right. If you don’t support Washington Kay, you’re not “enlightened.” Only when you’re responsible for record debt, costly pork, and big-government bailouts will you be “enlightened” enough to stand on the same stage as Sen. Hutchison.
Finally, it all makes sense! The embarrassingly small crowds, the abandonment of conservative principles, the self-serving ambition, and the Washington politics are all part of Kay’s broader campaign strategy—she’s reached a full state of Zen and enlightenment.
Senator, we don’t think you know what that word means—and we KNOW you don’t know what “conservative” means. Earlier this year, Rush had this to say about an “enlightened” GOP full of “country club blue-blood Rockefeller types.” Are you “enlightened” enough to join Kay’s exclusive handful of supporters?