Did you catch the Obama CYA PR Event?

So after the Scare Force One debacle I am sure Obama and his team have been busy doing damage control. So this morning we get one of the biggest CYA PR events of the decade!!

Statue of Liberty will reopen on Fourth of July

Color my cynical but I imagine this was thrown together this week. And the July 4th re-opening of the crown will be an Obama – “Yes I am Patriotic” meme. And of course Obama will roll-out the Scare Force One photos and claim this was the intent all along. And the left will jump all over this as a “…see the right has spoiled the surprise!” Just watch – over the next few months Obama will deflect the public’s attention away from rising inflation, the Taliban in Pakistian, the failing banks, a bankrupt Chrysler (with GM not far behind)….Obama knows the summer of 2009 will very hot for his team.
Re-opening the Statue of Liberty on July 4th is a great slide of hand to take any MSM focus off the planned July 4th tea parties.