'Shovels hit the ground' on stimulus project, let's run the numbers

“seeing shovels hit the ground”

…He said the project will support 60 jobs. “And that’s how we’re going to get the country back on its feet,” LaHood added.

Mark Compton, director of government affairs for American Infrastructure, said his company received $2.1 million in federal funds, by way of the Maryland State Highway Administration.

The money will be used to repave and add safety features to a stretch of the highway…….

60 jobs – $2.1 million

If you paid the 60 workers all the $2.1 million for on year that would be $35,000

What about insurance, workers comp and other taxes?

What about the insurance policy for the work itself?

Where is the money for the materials?

Out of those 60 workers isn’t there some support staff?

What about the overhead of the payroll clerk or HR person?

Whose equipment are they using? That had to cost something?

And in reality the work will probably only last 6 months.

Where is the profit for the company?

So in reality the workers might make $20,000 each for 6 months of work.

or about $769.00 per week gross or about $19.00 per hour.

What are they going to do when that job is done?

Collect unemployment?