Disgraced former DEMOCRATIC Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick lands $100,000 job in Dallas

Wife of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick enjoys new life in Southlake

….it was announced that Kilpatrick had a job with Covisint, an affiliate of Compuware. He’ll earn an annual base salary of at least $100,000 and could potentially get up to $360,000, the Free Press reported.

Many Detroiters, still seething over their former mayor’s actions, say they’re insulted that Kilpatrick landed the job, especially as Compuware was laying off 250 workers.

She hopes to visit friends and supporters back in Detroit. For now, though, another Big D is proving irresistible.

“I couldn’t imagine picking up and leaving any time soon,” she said.

Oh, Great – we don’t need scum like this infecting Dallas. They screw up one place and arrive like locusts on an ill wind. Kwame go home.

Covisint web site

From the Covisint web site:

As the worlds leading automotive manufacturer, General Motors uses Covisints B2B messaging service to drive global innovation across a digitized supply chain of more than 19,000 suppliers.

“We exchange millions of production-critical EDI messages each month between our suppliers and our facilities. Covisint Connect will give us a more reliable, cost-effective messaging solution that will further improve our processes and drive real-time integration with our suppliers.”

Ralph Szygenda – GVP & CIO, General Motors

?? – Wow – sounds like Kwame made some good buddies and landed a nice job.
I wonder how much his $100,000 a year job cost the taxpayers????

Contact Covisint and let them know what you think of Kwame Kilpatrick getting a $100,000 a year job.

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