Obama was scammed by Henrietta Hughes

Who would have thought that the biggest con man in the world could get scammed himself?

Henrietta Hughes - scam artist

President Barack Obama steps off the stage to take a question from Henrietta Hughes during a town hall meeting to discuss the economy, Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2009, at the Harborside Event Center in Fort Myers, Fla.

Henrietta Hughes Lee County, Florida property records

Row * Consideration Party Type Name First Crossparty Name Record Date Type Book Type Book Page Comments Instrument#
1 $0.00 To HUGHES COREY L HUGHES HENRIETTA C 8/9/2006 Deed O L 18 BLK 35 U 9 LEHIGH ACRES 2006000312278
2 $0.00 To HUGHES COREY LEMONT WHITE ANNE MAJOROS 6/18/2001 Deed O 3434 669 L18,19,B35,U9,LEHIGH ACRES 5164068
3 $0.00 To HUGHES COREY LEMONT SPEAKMAN DON E 8/17/2001 Deed O 3470 451 L22,B23,U6,LEHIGH ACRES 5214018
4 $0.00 From HUGHES COREY L RIVERSIDE BANK OF THE GULF COAST 10/29/2001 Mortgage O 3510 2301 L19,B35,U9,SECT20,LEHIGH ACRES 5270588
5 $0.00 From HUGHES COREY L 10/29/2001 Notice of Commencement O 3510 2318 L19,B35,U9,LEHIGH ACRES 5270589
6 $0.00 From HUGHES COREY L RIVERSIDE BANK OF THE GULF COAST 7/15/2003 Deed O 3993 745 L19,B35,U9,LEHIGH ACRES 5892191
7 $0.00 To HUGHES COREY L RIVERSIDE BANK OF THE GULF COAST 10/16/2003 Satisfaction O 4094 3307 OR3510/2301 6011724
8 $0.00 From HUGHES COREY LEMONT HOMELAND LLC 6/30/2005 Deed O 4778 1059 L22,B23,U6,LEHIGH ACRES 6871666

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This lady is a number one operator of the first degree. She is working hard!
Let’s see how many more Henrietta Hughes Obama can trot out.
Of course Obama will claim this is not the Henrietta Hughes that I know.