The cost of "Stimulus"

The $170 Million Inauguration 

Obama spent $170,000,000 on his inauguration and much of that money came from companies that received bail-out money. Your tax dollars at work.

Break it down this way.

4 year term at 365 days a year – 1460 days. Divide $170,000,000 by 1460 days and we are paying $116,438.36 per day just to pay for the coronation of the ONE.

Or $4,851.60 per hour for 4 years!!

Now Obama wants $900,000,000,000 for a “stimulus”.
Over 4 years that would cost – drum roll please

$616,438,356.16 PER DAY for 4 years!!!!


$25,684,931.51 PER HOUR FOR 4 YEARS!!!!!

Wow, four years is 35,040 hours.
You could make 35,040 $25 Million dollar feature films for that price.
You could buy 17,520 F22 Stealth Fighter jets at $50 Million per plane.
$900 Billion would buy you 36 Million Cars at $25,000 per car.
$900 Billion will cost every American $3000, will every American see a $3000 benefit?
And most of that $900 Billion is to set-up more government programs that
will have to funded by – you guessed it – YOU!

I propose this solution – if you voted for Obama – about 66,000,000 of you
then you can pay $13,636.36 per Obama voter and you can have your
“stimulus”. And you can pay YOUR taxes to fund all the government crap you want.


Smoke that in your Obama crack pipe.