Another Democratic Mayor going down

HARTFORD, Conn. – Hartford Mayor Eddie A. Perez said that he will surrender to state police Tuesday on bribery and other charges related to renovations at his home, but that he won’t resign.
A state grand jury has been investigating possible corruption in city government for 15 months and looked at $20,000 in kitchen and bathroom renovations at Perez’s home done by Carlos Costa, a city contractor. Costa has done millions of dollars of work for the city.
Costa’s attorney, William Gerace, told The Hartford Courant that state police arrested Costa on Monday on the same charges Perez is facing. The charges are also related to the renovations at Perez’s home, Gerace said.
“There is no excuse for it,” Perez told the newspaper. “I apologize for putting my family and my city under this situation.”
But the mayor added, “At the end of the day, a lapse in judgment is not a crime.”

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