Michelle Obama’s Job Eliminated

Michelle Obama’s Job Eliminated

She hasn’t shown up for work very regularly over the last year or so, so when Michelle Obama’s $300,000 job was cut at the University of Chicago Hospitals, it may have been hard to notice the difference.

Close friend and mentor to Michelle Obama, Susan Sher named to post of associate counsel to the president.

Sher is general counsel and a vice president at the University of Chicago Medical Center and has been a close friend and mentor to Michelle Obama for many years. They also both worked on medical center initiatives that have become the focus of a Senate Republican’s inquiry into whether the nonprofit hospital has been “culling the least profitable patients from its emergency room.”

Sher had recruited Michelle Obama for a community relations job at the center, where Obama in time ascended to vice president for external affairs. In that post, she and Sher worked together on the center’s efforts to steer patients with non-urgent complaints away from the center’s crowded emergency room and into local health clinics.

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