Film Industry Coalition Uses Creative Video to Ask “Does It Really Have to Be This Way?”

This is really interesting.

With his future at SAG in question, Screen Actors Guild national exec director Doug Allen has kept pushing hard for a strike authorization from the guild’s 120,000 members.

SAG exec justifies strike in new letter.

And 5 days later this comes out.

Film Industry Coalition Uses Creative Video to Ask “Does It Really Have to Be This Way?”

An all-volunteer cast and crew has released a video spot that dramatizes the devastation that would result from a strike by the Screen Actors Guild. The piece features Academy Award and SAG Award nominee James Cromwell, star of hit TV series Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco, and veteran actor and former SAG Foundation president Mitch Ryan. Experienced above- and below-the-line crew and some of the industry’s premier providers of production technology and services also participated in the project.

Actor James Cromwell, who both appeared in and narrated the spot, said “this project was
accomplished by the qualities that make this industry great – creativity, passion and collaboration. It was an inspiration to see such a diverse and talented group from all areas of the film industry come together for a truly worthwhile cause: to save the film industry from an unnecessary and possibly crippling blow.”

We are an informal but devoted coalition of film professionals: members of the film community who work in front of the camera and behind the scenes, providing the expertise, equipment and services that help make productions happen. Film is not only our passion, but also our vocation. We came together out of a shared sense of purpose – a desire to do something to see our industry through a potentially devastating challenge. We decided to make a statement using the medium to which we have devoted our lives and our careers.

Once the concept was born, a wide range of people and companies eagerly donated their time, equipment, facilities, and even food to the mission. Essentially everything for the production was provided free of charge.

We do not take any position as to who deserves credit or blame for the current dispute. We merely urge – plead – for an immediate resolution so that the industry can get back to work.