Baltimore Mayor Sheila A. Dixon (D) indicted

Mayor Sheila Dixon indicted

Baltimore Mayor Sheila A. Dixon was charged today in a 12-count indictment, according to the Maryland State Prosecutor’s Office’s Web site.

Dixon was charged with perjury, theft, fraudulent misappropriation and misconduct, stemming in part from gifts she received from former boyfriend and developer Ronald H. Lipscomb, who was also charged earlier this week.

Dixon, a Democrat, has been the target of a nearly three-year probe by State Prosecutor Robert A. Rohrbaugh into corruption at City Hall, an investigation that has centered on allegations that Dixon has used her office to award lucrative contracts to various people including her sister, her then-boyfriend and her former campaign chairman.

In a statement released by her office this afternoon, Dixon said: “I am being unfairly accused. Time will prove that I have done nothing wrong, and I am confident that I will be found innocent of these charges. … I want to make it clear, though, that I will continue to put all of my energies into running the City of Baltimore during these perilous economic times.”

Whaaaa Whaaaa!!!!

Do you think these democrats that keep getting indicted were corrupt before they took office? Or did the power go to their heads and they became corrupt? How much longer will scumbags like this get elected?