The Lone Star State is Flexing its Muscles

“Although the nation’s economy has experienced a recent slowdown, the Texas economy continues to rev up. With the 12th largest economy in the world (if it were considered a nation), Texas now leads the U.S. in job creation, gross state product, low unemployment rate, and foreign direct investment. Part of the Lone Star State’s success stems from proactive government policies and incentives, low taxes, reasonable regulations, solid infrastructure, and good quality of life.
In September, Texas Governor Rick Perry and Dr. Arthur Laffer unveiled an economic study comparing two of the nation’s economic heavyweights: Texas and California. According to the study, Texas has a superior economic climate with growth in income, wealth, and employment projected to strengthen relative to California and the nation as a whole. In July, CNBC announced that Texas is America’s Top State for Business and Chief Executive Officer magazine recently named Texas the Best State to Do Business for the third year in a row.”

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Texas is bucking the economic trends and maintaining strong growth in income and employment.

OK, this is great news. But, we need all RedStaters help in keeping Texas and the Red States strong from
a political point of view. When your economy is doing well it attracts people & business from other states
that may not be doing well. Sometimes those liberal folks who finally admit that the blue state economies
may not be doing well because of the blue state government policies, might move to Texas to find a job
or start a business.

News Flash for those libs that move to Texas. Leave your tax and spend mentality back in your blue states.
The reason Texas is doing well is because we are pro-business not pro-government. Of course we still
have libs in Texas who look at our surplus and want to spread the wealth but we fight them and we fight
them hard. I can’t wait until Washington wants to take our surplus and spread it to say Michigan or Kalifornia.
Just try it. Texas will continue fighting the federal government on bail-outs and spreading the wealth.

I say if you want your blue states economies to turn around then look at what Texas is doing,
not what Washington is doing and wants to do.