Obama? Fix the Economy?

Obama? Fix the Economy?

What a laugh!! I read this and literally fell out of my chair!!

I laugh in the faces of Obama supporters when they say hewill fix the economy!! And I laugh and ask on what planet?

heeeee haaaaawwww…..

This is just got to be the most laughable idea I have heard in 30 years. A socialist will fix ourcapitalist economy? A system he does not believe in or support. Look at the DOW. It fell over 400 pts.on Wednesday, it’s falling again today and will probably be in total taters by Jan. 20th.

Obama ran on a platform that business is evil.Rich people will pay out the Ying Yang.He won’t lift a finger to drill or build nuclearpower plants. Told everyone that he would bankrupt the coal industry. America gets50% of it’s energy from coal. What is Obama going to do? Fart his way outof an energy crisis?

McCain was lame is so many ways but at leasthad an iota of what to do to get America going again.

Obama ran hard & fast against McCain on all the sensibleeconomic policies that McCain did have.

So Obama has painted himself into a corner.I say that Obama has a failed presidency, even before it begins.