Out of the mouth of babes..

So I went to the gas station today and my9 year old son said “Wow, Dad the price is $2.12per gallon. That is like way lower than itwas a few months ago. Maybe in 3 moremonths it will be $1.06 and 6 months from now it should be 53 cents per gallon!”

I said well it does not really work that way.It is good that we are saving now but ifObama gets elected the price of everythingwill probably go way up.

So my son asks – why?

Well it is complicated but the best explanationI can give is that Obama wants to raise sometaxes on people & companies that make over$250,000. So those companies will have toraise prices to pay for those taxes. In effect themoney Obama gives to the “middle class”will in effect go back to those same companiesthat Obama raises taxes on.

So my son says “That does not make any sense.”

I said, son I know – if the price of gas goes backup to say $4.24 per gallon and I use only 10 gallonsof gas per week then the $1000 that Obama would give us would go to pay the difference in the priceof gas.

So my son ends the conversation with – “Why would anyone vote for Obama?”