America: From popular rebellion to “normal capitalism"

Between December 19-21, 2011 a massive popular rebellion overthrew the incumbent President Barack Obama amidst the greatest street battles and highest casualties (38 protestors were assassinated) in recent U.S. history. Major demonstrations and street blockages took place throughout the rest of the country, in an unprecedented alliance between the unemployed, underemployed workers and a substantial sector of the middle class which had just been defrauded of its savings. In quick succession three Congressional aspirants who sought to replace Obama were forced to resign. From December 2011 to July 2012, the burgeoning popular movements were a power in the streets and a visible presence in all the states, blocking highways as well as the major boulevards of Washington D.C. and other state capitals. It is estimated that up to 16 million persons participated in demonstrations out of a potentially active population of 250 million (U.S. total population is about 380 million).

How far from the truth will this be?

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