Trickle down economics 101

Hey you Obamatrons:

Listen up.

Trickle down economics 101.

When a rich guy makes it, he goes out and buys the usual rich guy stuff. Big house, nice car, Rolex watch. He then has left over this extra cash. Now what shall I do with this extra money?

I know, I’ll invest this money in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, cd’s. The very instuments that banks and companies use to expand business and create new businesses, which then hire people or that magic word jobs.

On the other hand, if you tax that investment capital away from him, he won’t be able to invest it, will he? And guess what? He still has his big house, nice car, and Rolex watch, but that money that would have created your future job with, is in the US Treasury, and they don’t create jobs, they give it to alleged poor people.Or in an Obama term, the disenfranchised.

So how does giving money to the poor, create jobs in what must be the Obama trickle up economy?

Have you ever been hired by a poor person?Has anyone here, ever worked for someone or a company that wasn’t rich?

That’s called trickle up economics. It starts at the bottom and goes up.

Here are the basic tax stuctures of our country.

Top 1% pay 40% of the taxes.

next 9% pay 20%

next 50% pay 40%

next 40% pay 0%


100% 100%

You already have 60% of the country carrying 40% of the population.

There are also two ways to figure our corporate tax structure.

One way is, we are rated as #2 in the world.

The other way, we are at #8. Either way, we are in the top 10 in taxation of our corporations. How many companies do you think are willing to come to the United States with the highest wages and the highest corporate taxes?

See why your jobs are going offshore?

Think about it