Kay Barnes tries to explain her position on the fairness doctrine

Kay Barnes tries to explain her position on the fairness doctrine

I saw this yesterday and missed making a comment.

In addition to not knowing what the hell she is talking about.

Kay Barnes is Running from Her Tax and Spend Record(N. Kansas City) –Kay Barnes has a record of raising over $1 billion in new taxes and ran up the Kansas City’s debt by nearly 300 percent. However, Kay Barnes is not talking about her failed economic record in her latest TV ads.

Kay Barnes should be explaining her more than $1 billion in tax increases:• Aug. 1999 Convention Sales Tax $2.5 million• Nov. 1999 Convention and Sales Tax- $480 million• Aug 2001 Fire Dept Tax- $276 million• Aug 2001 Question 3 $2.5 million• April 2002 Safety Sales Tax- $127 million• Nov. 2003 Question 1- $110 million• Aug 2004- Downtown Arena- $250 million• April 2005 Health Tax Levy- $13 million

Kay Barnes also doesn’t mention that while she was Mayor she cost Kansas City thousands of jobs that were lost as a result of her failed economic policies. (KC Star, 5/18/08)

Kay Barnes also neglects to mention that she increase Kansas City debt from $561,900,079 to $1, 525,830,141 a nearly 300 percent increase. (Analysis of KC Budgets 2002-2007)

“Kay Barnes is trying to run from her liberal big city record of massive tax increases and skyrocketing debt,” said Ryan Steusloff, Graves for Congress. “Unfortunately the taxpayers are reminded of her record every time they get their tax bill. ”

Hey Kay – Here is what the “Fairness Doctrine” is about!

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