Barack Obama, Legal Scholar? A vote wasted.

When you go to cast your vote, just remember this.

Barack Obama promises to accomplish quite a lot if he becomes our next President. These promises are symbolized in his campaign themes: hope and change. But just how likely is he to fulfill his own promise and the promises he has made to the American people?

Judging by his previous career, not very likely. We have seen this movie before in Barack Obama’s life, and the end is not a happy one. In fact, when you examine his career in its various dimension, it seems to be marked disturbingly often by failure.

Faced with his failures, he tries to obscure the record; or else he blames mistakes on staffers or other people.Nobody can deny that Barack Obama has an impressive list of titles to his name as a lawyer. But when it comes to actual substance as a lawyer and a scholar, very few accomplishments can be pointed to. The pattern of leaving no footprints when it comes to ideas should raise questions in the eyes of voters still trying to understand the man behind the public persona of Barack Obama.

Barack Obama, Legal Scholar