Just imagine if Obama is president and this happens again...

Just imagine if another air traffic controller strike happens if Obama is president.

“According to journalist Haynes Johnson, the decisive manner in which Reagan handled the PATCO strike convinced many Americans that he was “the kind of leader the country longed for and thought it had lost: a strong president” — in sharp contrast to the widely-held view that Reagan’s predecessor, Jimmy Carter, had been too indecisive. Reagan stressed that he derived no satisfaction from sacking the controllers. He pointed out that he was the first president to be a lifetime member of the AFL-CIO. And he was aware that PATCO had been one of the few unions to support his presidential bid. “I supported unions and the rights of workers to organize and bargain collectively,” he wrote in his memoirs, ” but no president could tolerate an illegal strike by Federal employees.”

Now I wonder how Obama will handle it? I am pretty sure it would mean the end of air travel as we know it.Obama would be pro-union and would not have the guts to do what Regan did. And you can extend that on out.Imagine when the postal workers strike. With air traffic almost non-existant – how does FedEx or UPS stay in business?

America will be held hostage by a pro-union, spread the wealth (if there is any left) tax them until they bleed president.I don’t think we will last 4 years under a president Obama.

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