Obama's father

How many Americans know that Obama’s father, Barack Sr.was an official in Kenya in the 60’s?

From Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. – author of “The Obama Nation”page 111

“To avoid the concentration of economic power in thehands of the wealthy, Obama Senior saw no limitto the amount of taxes that could be charged,provided “the benefits derived from public servicesby society measure up to the cost in taxation which they have to pay.” To make his point clear, Obama Senior added, “Theoretically, there is nothing that canstop the government from taxing 100 percentof income so long as the people get benefits fromthe government commensurate with theirincome which is taxed.” He favored taxing the rich,arguing, “I do not see why the government cannottax those who have more and siphon some of theserevenues into savings which can be utilizedin investment for future development,thereby reducing our reliance on foreign aid.”

Now America of the 21st century is completely differentthan Kenya of the 60’s but little Obama is a productof Obama Senior, they share the same DNA and thesame warped beliefs about taxes.

Page 112

“Jonsson sees the recent events in Kenya assignaling the resurgence of Islam in Kenya,a process likely to speed up now thatOdinga has forced himself into a power-sharing arrangement with Kibaki.He argues we are witnessing the growthof a leftist/Marxist alliance with Islamthat is striving, under the banner of“Change”, to spread the growthof Islamic states worldwide. Jonssonalso sees a direct tie between the “Change” themes of the Obamapresidential campaign in the United States and the senator’ssupport of Odinga’s Islamic goals inEast Africa. “Real Change for Africa”was perhaps not coincidentally the theme of Raila Odinga’s 2007presidential campaign.”

I get it now! Obama’s “Change” is aboutspreading Islam in America.And taxing the hell out of you.