Obama & Odinga documentary

Obama & Odinga
Odinga is Obama’s cousin.
Obama campaigned for him in 2006
and was denounced by the Kenyan government.


This all Raila’s fault…he is fanning this violence and wants to make the country unmanageable..u wait he is not done yet..

Raila we all know him.. desperate and hungry for power…will cause strife for all.

if only his own people could see this.. this is all railas fault… dont hate me or blame me..i just thinkhe is a warlord…

i understand that they are angry but how does killing each other and burning the country down help???? so stupid.

this is why africa cant develop because of poeple like this. you go out and riot and loot and butcher other ethnic group plus burn the city down…..you damn right you should be shot!.

what country would allow this to happen. just because your angry.

Democracy is Expensive? Was there any sort of peaceful mass demonstration? Why the violence? We should learn this violence will not change anything. The opposition party will come on power and probably do what they want all the same.

The people ALL should unite and agree on things…and do things peacefully.

I hate this violence. Have Kenyans started taking their country stability for granted? the world has seen our shame as we turn on our own brothers for the sake of a few select hijacking not only the peace of a few million people but also the basics rights that govern humanity as well as the corner stone foundations of our country.

i URGE kenyans around the globe to unite and raise up against this meaningless butchery and senseless slaying of innocent civilians who have only believed in one tribe – Kenyan ‘ say no to destructive politics’ – fight to restore our country this is all railas fault…

The international community must recognize ODM as a terrorist organization that is led by a wolf in sheeps clothing.

They talk peace but promote unrest in Kenya.

They say it is the only way to bring down Kibaki’s government.

They do not want peace until they get into power.

They encourage protests knowing that the protestors will loot, burn, and commit violence.

They blame police who try to stop the destruction and violence.

ODM’s dream of getting something for nothing is Kenya’s NIGHTMARE!

C’mon you’re only interested in being crowned as “President” just as your dad wanted.You have nothing to offer kenyans…save me this one..have yu changed the lives of kibera residents for time you have represented them?

Put it simply yu’re power hungry!.people frm your tribe were already boasting on the streets about them being the government..sorry to say this its over…inciter of the highest order! Why are the families of the pentagon members not in the front line to help in the killings?????

Shame on you Raila and your pentagon members for successfully turning Kenya into another Rwanda.