Dow 8,579.19 Down -678.91

Dow 8,579.19 Down -678.91

Government cannot save this economy. Government is the reason we are here.The sooner Americans wake up to that FACT. And get rid of the liberal leftin charge it will only get WORSE. This has nothing to do with George Bush’s policies.

Michigan, I don’t know what to tell you.I think the only hope the workers in Michigan have is to move to Texas andAlaska and get busy on the drilling rigs. California, no hope for you. I don’t see how sending 7 billion dollars to you is but money flushed downthe toilet. Florida, there is still hope. Tourism is all you got left. Butyou are going to have to make some awesome deals to get us back. New York, No comment.

The market is in freefall and will continue to fall until McCain is elected.God help us all if Obama gets elected.The ones you can least afford it will get hit the hardest and theseare the ones that Obama appeals to.

Excuse me, I will be busy practicing my camping and hunting skills until Nov. 4th.