Let me get this straight

Obama says “Companies are struggling to pay for employees
health insurance.” Then later he says if “you” make over $250,000
you are going to pay more in taxes. I don’t know about you
but I have never had a “job” where I have even approached $250,000.
But, I have had business’s that made over $250,000.
And I did pay for employees health insurance.
So, if I have to now pay MORE taxes and I am required to
cover employees health insurance as a federal requirement —-
I may have to review expenses and cut-back on employeesand hiring. I think this is one reason why you are seeing the
stock market go down. (Among Many).I would imagine there are MANY more small business that make
over $250,000 than salaried employees that make over $250,000……
these small business owners have stopped investing and are pulling outthe rainy day cash. Obama, never being a businessman just does not get it.
Not that many people make over $250,000 except for his wife of course.
As a businessman I can create as many s-corps as I would need tospread the money out.