Declare War on Oil

This article was written Thursday, March 13, 2008 8:06 AM

By: Christopher Ruddy

Declare War on Oil Before It’s Too Late

“Declaring war on oil should be β€” literally β€” a war, giving the president and
Congress emergency powers to mobilize the nation as never before.”

That’s the rub – Congress. We all know Obama would not do this.Obama would just as soon let America become Omericaand let the Russians base nuclear missles in Florida and California.

Now that we are talking bail out and the ship is sinking fast,we only have a few months to get going.

This alone would be a huge job creator and way formuch needed tax revenues to flow in.

Isn’t $700 Billion the amount we spend on foreign oil EVERY YEAR!!

We are talking another Manhatten project. Hundreds of thousands ofworkers unleashed. The oil service companies and support companieswould boom. Give first preference for jobs to veterans.

Move over democrats, you had your chance and screwed it up.