Why do you think the media is in the tank for O??

More Good StuffThe media being in the tank for O has everything to do with money.
Liberal media outlets are pushing for O so they can get ridof their right wing competition. We know the public prefersright wing radio and most left wing shows do not do wellfrom a commercial standpoint. So you get your buddies into snuff out the competition. Less competition means bigger advertising revenues. More advertising revenuesmeans BIGGER campaign contributions. Just as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fed the pigs so theycould be pigs. Now that pig will be coming tothe slaughter house and dems are rushing to savethe golden pig with lies and insults. The pig needs to bekilled. And the bills that fed the pig should be slaughtered.The Community Reinvestment Act is a blight upon oursociety and should be abolished. IF YOU CAN’T AFFORDA HOUSE THEN YOU SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BUY IT.This is what Congress NEEDS to look at. Throwing your tax dollars into a money pit is stupid.Throwing your tax dollars into a plan that FIXES the problemis what is needed. I would rather know that my moneyWILL NOT help companies put us back into this mess.ABOLISH the Community Reinvestment Act.Suspend ACORN and investigate the people that run it.Let Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac DIE.The names of these comapnies are stupid anyway.I am sure someone made millions at some ad firm makingthese stupid names up.A family that was foreclosed on because they bought a housethat they should not have can get a home from the government like this:Nice homeMore Good Stuff