Who do you think said these words?

True order is that based on freedom, on respect and on justice, but at the
same time that which precludes the use of force

I am certain that as soon as the President of the Republic takes office and
assumes command of the situation, he will decree the re-establishment
of all rights and freedoms, including the absolute freedom of the press,
of all individual rights, of all trade union rights, and of the rights and
demands of the rural workers and our own free people.

I know we will have the help of our industry and of business and we will
not forget any of the sectors of our population.

We do not believe that all the problems can be solved readily; we know
the road is sown with obstacles, but we are men of good faith and we
are always ready to face great difficulties. The people can be certain of
one thing, and that is that we may make one or even many mistakes.
But the only thing which cannot be said of us is that we have stolen,
that we have profited from our position, that we have betrayed the
movement. I know that the people can forgive mistakes but not
dishonorable deeds, and what we had here were dishonorable men.

What greater glory could we have than the affection of our people?
What greater reward could we envision than the thousands of arms
waving before us, full of hope, and faith in us and affection for us.
We shall never allow ourselves to be influenced by vanity or ambition
because, in the words of the Apostle, all the glory of the world can
be contained within a single ear of corn, and there is no greater reward
or satisfaction than to fulfill one’s duty as we have been doing until the
present time and as we shall always continue to do.

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Just words….. Just speeches…..I will be interested to respond to your thoughts.