CNN Poll says something different

I don’t know what the traffic stats are for CNN vs. Redstate or other
right wing blogs.A CNN poll hands the first debate to Obama.

“Fifty-one percent of those polled thought Obama did the better job in
Friday night’s debate, while 38 percent said John McCain did better.

Men were nearly evenly split between the two candidates, with 46 percent
giving the win to McCain and 43 percent to Obama. But women voters
tended to give Obama higher marks, with 59 percent calling him the
night’s winner, while just 31 percent said McCain won.

The results may be favoring Obama simply because more Democrats
than Republicans tuned in to the debate. Of the debate-watchers
questioned in this poll, 41 percent of the respondents identified
themselves as Democrats, 27 percent as Republicans and 30 percent as independents.”

And that is the rub. I know in many other polls the percentage of Democrat vs. Republicanis sometimes skewed to Democrats. This is what we fight as mainstreamAmerica thinks Obama is “winning”. It really is a race of perception. If American would do a little research I think they would be shocked.