Buffett is a big carpetbagger

The surprise move by Mr Buffett

Lloyd Blankfein, chief executive of Goldman Sachs, last night said he planned to raise
up to $12.5 billion (£6.74 billion) of new funds by selling a stake to Warren Buffett
and tapping other institutional shareholders.

The surprise move by Mr Buffett, which was welcomed by some but was described
as “worrying” by traders in Hong Kong and Tokyo, is understood to have derailed
a big stakebuilding exercise by Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, the Japanese megabank.

*Buffett is a big carpetbagger. *
Why do you think he supports Obama? The above article will give you a clue.
He is like the vulture flying high circling his prey. He knows if Obama is
elected the stock market will lose about 25%-35% of it’s value overnight.
This Goldman Sachs “investment” is a cover. A vote for Obama is like
a vote of confidence for Pelosi-Reid-Frank-and the rest of dumbocraps
who got us here.

A vote for Obama may have a silver lining. The MSM will dry up because it
is sponsor supported. With a tanking market the first thing to go is
multi-million dollar advertising campaigns. No more spots means
no more money. And with the elections over the MSM will take such
a hit many of the over-priced bloated anchors will have to go.

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