Ten dollars an hour

Ok, so I am flipping thru the channels waiting for the
Dallas-Green Bay game to start (Sorry GB – Dallas 27 GB 16)and I hear on CNN some folks talking about how
tough it is to pay for their house. The lady says
“I had no problem the first year, the 2nd year was
tough but now I can’t make it.” Has an ARM.
She says she makes $10 an hour. ? What?
So she grosses $400 per week? Maybe $550
if she works OT? So take home max might be
$420-$450?? How the hell did these people
get these loans? In my world – Number One-
a real estate agent would not even take your
business. Number two – any real bank would
never give you a loan. Shame, Shame on all of
them. Plus now the prices are in a freefall and
Donald Trump says “tremendous values” can
be had. Duhhh. What a sham these crooks have
foisted on the American economy. How are we
ever going to re-claim it?