Stupid is as stupid does

Yes, Obama is out there blaming the Republicans for everything. Some people believe everything Obama says.Some people believe everything the MSM says. Obama has many of these folks convinced that they were foreclosed on because George Bush was President – he is a Republican. Obama goes out and says – “Guess what – John McCain is the Republican nominee for President, he is like George Bush.”

*Of course you and I know that is stupid. * Stupid is as stupid does.

*Obama should really say – *

“It is because of ME that you got that home loan that you could not pay off. It’s because of ME you were foreclosed on! I took money from Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac to look the other way. It was me and my democratic friends who blocked any reform of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. My friends made hundreds of millions of dollars – money I knew I would need to run for President. And I vow to put those same people back in charge when I become President. We will find a way for y’all to get back into those homes and not have to pay a cent. Just go to work and send all of your money to me and we won’t have a problem.”

*What most Obamatrons think Obama is saying – *

“And oh by the way – don’t have a job? Don’t worry we will send you money and give you free health care anyway! And for all those mamas that like to have unprotected sex? Go right ahead – we can take care of that little problem and give you money as well!!!!”

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