Obama blows it

OK, so Obama was supposed to be on the season premier of Saturday Night Live. He cancelled because of hurricane Ike.OK, that is fine – but he blew a perfectly legimate chancefor a national appearance. He could have come on the show and said:”I was humbled to be in your great city this week.As you know the folks down in Texas have surviveda bad storm. Please if you can visit:American Red Crossand give what you can to help. ThanksHave a great show.”

*End of his appearance. *

No what does he do.He cancels and says it is because of the storm.Much like the RNC did when the last hurricane came in.That is fine and we can give him a passbut he could have helped.

Houston is the 4th largest city in the nation. It will beweeks before power is restored for millions of people.I live in Dallas and many people came up here. Wehad a good amount of rain here tonight.

Obama did not go on the show because he is afraid.He has lost his “mojo” as a Chicago newspaper reported.His behavior at ground zero on Thursday was appalling.When he was booked for the SNL show I am sure it was beforehe was em-Palined. I imagined he thought yeah SNL and then theWhite House baby.

I wonder what Church he will attend tomorrow to pray for all of the hurricane victims & survivors?