How Democrats Can Change America with Women's Values

I was excited when I found these excerpts from: The New Feminized Majority: How Democrats Can Change America with Women’s Values, by Katherine Adam and Charles Derber.

Men are socialized into what we call masculinized values that include competitiveness, aggression, individualism and a belief that violence is a necessary tool to solve problems. Feminized values are those in which women are socialized in a given time and place. These values include cooperation, empathy, an appreciation for equality, a preference for nonviolent solutions to conflicts, and community, or the feeling that everyone is a part of something bigger. People with feminized values look at the issues affecting their families and their communities with the goal of “together we can.” Those with masculinized values move through their lives with the feeling “alone I will”.

They go on:

Women’s values lead to progressive politics because women are integrated into our social and economic order differently than men. They live in capitalism but are not entirely of it. Women’s values generate a moral foundation for progressive opposition because: (1) women are subordinated in the existing order, and(2) their movement against their unequal position expresses values that can benefit all disadvantaged groups and promote equality and peace.

And on….

The authors offer three steps for a Democratic victory in 2008, and beyond:

First, Democrats need to run a campaign directed towards feminized morality. Second, Democrats needs to renounce the masculinized morality of the current political atmosphere and present a feminized populist alternative. A majority of Americans want to move away from social Darwinist economic policies and perpetual war. Third, Democrats need to motivate disengaged voters to become part of the movement. The feminized majority includes many non-voters and Independents. They are crucial to Democratic victory.

*Hmmmm, I guess BHO did not read this book? Hillary should have given this to him back in April. *

I have not read the whole book but it does look interesting. So who wants to write a new book:The New Feminized Majority: How Republicans Can Change America with Women’s Values.