Obama supporter pissed off!! - Part 2

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Obama Is Pissing Me Off

By Bukola from Edison, NJ – Sep 9th, 2008 at 11:26 pm EDT

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I’m ready to quit this thing right here and right now. I’m tired of Obama not running an effective campaign post-Palin.

Obama and his people are not doing a very good job of rebutting the Republican talking points. I think we’re going to lose this election. And if we do lose this election I will lay the blame at his feet. He told us he would be tough. He told us he would fight back. And yet here we are 60 days before the election and he is being swift boated by the Republicans. Obama won’t be seeing another dime from me until he starts using my money effectively.

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Bye | Report to Admin Reply

By Shianne Yesterday at 11:35 pm EDT (Updated Yesterday at 11:35 pm EDT)

Why post? If you are done then be gone. Get the hell out of dodge. We don’t need your negativity here. Seeya!!!!!!!!!

Re: Bye | Report to Admin Reply

By Bukola from Edison, NJ Today at 3:22 pm EDT (Updated Today at 3:22 pm EDT)

Its the cold hard truth. Take off the blinders and start asking the campaign to use your money effectively. We will lose if Obama doesn’t get tough.

*wrong! * | Report to Admin Reply

By Ugonna “Hussein” Wosu Yesterday at 11:43 pm EDT (Updated Yesterday at 11:43 pm EDT)

I actually think they’ve been playing this as hard as possible. I don’t think its a matter of acting “tough” enough, unless you count the need for better ads which I agree with. I think this Palin *thing is a *fad that the campaign can’t do much about for now. We just have to let it die down, which it will.

*Re: wrong! * | Report to Admin Reply

By Bukola from Edison, NJ Today at 3:21 pm EDT (Updated Today at 3:21 pm EDT)

I don’t this is a fad. She will continue to get away with her lies because people are not willing to hold her accountable. We need to hit McCain where it hurts. Tell the story about his first Presidential run in 2000. Bush/Rove spread horrible rumors about him. Even after all of that McCain hugged Bush and embraced his administration. *Obama should remind us about this, tell us how far McCain has fallen from his past ways and then attack him without restraint. *If he doesn’t do this we will lose.

*I am done too * | Report to Admin Reply

By Heidi Today at 2:45 pm EDT (Updated Today at 2:45 pm EDT)

*I am done too. * They are in the fetal position sucking their thumb. Glad I hadn’t sent my check yet. **I can use the money for something productive.

This campaign is NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME . I hate to say it but Hillary was right.

Re: I am done too | Report to Admin Reply

By Bukola from Edison, NJ Today at 3:17 pm EDT (Updated Today at 3:17 pm EDT)

I just thought of something. Tomorrow will be the 9/11 anniversary. The media will be preoccupied with Palin’s interview and 9/11 stuff. Obama has the best shot of entering the discussion on *Friday. *He better come out forcefully and condemn that ad. I can only hope and pray that this is their plan.

re | Report to Admin Reply

By Heidi Today at 3:55 pm EDT (Updated Today at 3:55 pm EDT)

This lack of response didn’t just start with Palin .

It’s been gong on forever. When Barack returned from Europe all the ads about celebrity .. yeah they were silly but NO RESPONSE. So they up the ante .. Now they call him a pedophile .. again NO RESPONSE . What did Barack do ? They stopped their big rallies .. oh God we don’t want McCain to not like us .. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ It’s very weak. The whole thing has been very weak and now it is pretty much too late. I don’t know why they thought the R’s would not be animals. Barack promised he would fight and he has not been a fighter. Very intelligent but .. *most intelligent people don’t get elected because most of the electorate is stupid *.

*Barack lives in his head.. but people vote at a gut level . *

People ARE stupid enough to believe this. This country elected Bush twice. *I hold little hope for the intelligence of Americans. *We are 25th in the world in education for a reason. And there are more stupid than smart and they live in the battleground states.


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