Job losses

“The unemployment rate soared to a nearly five-year high in August, topping 6%, as employers trimmed jobs for the eighth straight month, according to the latest government reading Friday that came in weaker than forecasts. There was a net loss of 84,000 jobs in August, according to the Labor Department, compared to a revised reading of a 60,000 job loss in July. Economists surveyed by Briefing.com had forecast a loss of 75,000 jobs.

With the August report, the U.S. economy has now lost 605,000 jobs so far this year.”

Is it any wonder?

Even the threat of a BHO Presidency has companies running scared.

Folks this is not about what has happened. This is about what might happen.
Many of my Fortune 500 companies are telling me this.
This is corporate warfare in anticipation of government welfare.
Sine BHO has come flat out and said he will be the new Robbing Hood,
is it any wonder that the stock market is diving?
Where is “Robbing Hood” going to get all of the money to give to the poor?