-Dear Mr.Obama Videos-

Well hello, blog-osphere.
How wonderful it is to be here. At this particular moment in time, I don’t really have any ground-breaking thoughts or ideas to share, and no promises that I ever will. But what I do have today, is a discovery. I’m not sure how many will read this, and out of those unlikely few, how many have already discovered my discovery, but I will share it regardless.

In my recent efforts to feel out what the internet community has been saying about the two candidates, I came across two Youtube videos that really stuck out to me. Both were posted to the site under the title “weneedmccain” and both do a magnificent job of explaining why.

The first of these two videos is much more well-known, but I still think it’s worth publicizing again.
Dear Mr. Obama 1This video is titled “Dear Mr.Obama.” I honestly believe if John McCain were to have this aired on television, there would be a considerable variation in the polls. This video is that powerful. Although I’m not sure that’s even possible, I still think it would do a lot of good if this video were to spread around even more. If you read this, I hope you feel obligated to pass it on.

The second video is less well-known than the prior one, but still equally effective.
Dear Mr.Obama 2The second video is titled “Dear Mr.Obama II: Economy 101.” This video is powerful because it is so factual. It opens the eyes of the viewer, makes them realize that everything is not what it seems in Obama-land. Just like that last video, I believe this could have a significant effect on the minds of voters. Circulation of this video is necessary for the voting base to be informed. In lame man’s terms: Do it up, kids.