Socialism checklist: First the banks, then the auto dealerships, healthcare, education, immigration?

Prior to the November elections, Republicans warned impressionable voters about how a vote for The One and his running mate could and would lead to socialism. The voters just laughed and proceeded to vote for them anyway.

Nationalizing the Banks

Now, a half a year later, the banks that “fail” have been nationalized along with money lending companies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and Lehman Brothers. Instead of letting them “fail” under the weight of capitalism where you either make it or you don’t and if you do you get to keep your rewards you’ve earned, they are simply bailed out as if their failure was allowed to happen and they get a mulligan.

When FDR was President, he shut down the banks on a “bank holiday” so that instances like those desribed above didn’t happen. 3 short days later the banks which were temporarily shut down opened back up stronger and more controlled than before. Bottom line is people who were frantically making the infamous “bank runs” were allowed to catch their breath, regain their composure, and think logically which is absent today.

What could be next? How about Nationalization of the NY Stock Exchange? Good way to control the market, by, uh, controlling the market. Don’t put it past them. If there is a way, they will find it.

For more evidence we are heded to socialism, don’t forget the use of the “pay czar’s”, cyber czar, and now a border czar,  among the 16 that have been appointed by The One’s administration. Its awfully hard to deny the correlation when they use the very same historical terminology!

We all know The One thinks he is the next FDR. He’s trying to have his New-New Deal. His stimulus is failing and his approval rating is going down by the week.  Unemployment which He claimed “would not go above 8%” now stands at 9.4% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics  and 48 states have just reported an increase with all-time record highs in eight states.

Auto Industry? Nationalized

General Motors was recently bailed out and has now been renamed “Government Motors”. Will the bailout work? Of course not. None of the others have, why would this one? Why should they, like all the other companies be given a free pass just because they failed?

Now every time you buy a GM vehicle, you are buying it straight from Uncle Sam.

Healthcare Nationalized

I believe its coming. Its been reported enough. The agenga is all about creating a dependent electorate regardless of the issue where the electorate will remain reliant on guberment intervention (i.e big government). Its all about control.

The Media:

Most of the media is already in The One’s pocket. If you watch The O’Reilly Factor or Hannity you can note the partiality that they report by the other worthless “media” outlets: CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC as part of the MSM.

I’ve often said if it wasn’t for FOXNEWS their would be no other side being reported, like of like Communist Russia during the USSR. Don’t worry, The One has a plan for that and all other dissent. The Fairness Doctrine.  When do the political prisoners start?

  • The internet Nationalized. Wouldn’t be surprised if we soon have to pay a “viewing tax” or “governmental regulation” tax all in the name of national security. While I think its pretty certain that all “right wingers” have files on them already, this would just make perfect sense as another check and balance all in the name of taking away rights and further governmental control.

The future: What issues are next?

Education Nationalized?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see public schools get more funding but only so they become a more appealing option for progressive parents who voted for the Dream Team ticket.  If there is a way to reduce funding for private and charter schools, they will find a way.

Bureaucratic influence will increase especially in public school ciriculum where the next generation of voters can be indoctrinated.


Heard a rumor that The One is going to make it illegal for a homeowner to sell his or her own house without it first meeting Green (energy efficent) standards which I feel are going to be very difficult to prove since they are up to the eye of the beholder and can be challagenged. More guberment control.

  • Cap and Trade

Tax on everything from coal, oil, gas, liqour. Sounds an awful lot like the Stamp Act doesn’t it???? We all know what happened next….

Supposed to be the greatest tax increase ever. Its the Republicans best chance to win back power since this may be the pocketbook issue that affects these mind numbing drones personally and breaks them out of their Rock Star spell.  Amerikans don’t care about anyone but themselves. Its all about materialism and as long as things are okay for “me” they don’t care what happens or who is in office.


What better way to make a serious problem go away besides ignoring it like both parties largely have ever since the 1986 Amnesty done under Reagan than to legalize it? Its a human bailout. A populace bailout. Basically giving lawbreakers immunity.

Only in Amerika. Immigrants aren’t dumb. They know the U.S. really doesn’t want to do anything about immigration since Democrats can play up the empathy, poverty,  compassion cards and Republicans need to cater to Big Business. Immigrants know that basically as long as they keep their noses clean and don’t do anything illegal they will likely find a job and best of all be able to stay in a country they have no business being in in the first place. On top of that, they can get health benefits (ER visits), paying wages, drivers licenses,  rental agreeements, loans, bank accounts, legal protection/representation etc. they know the system and they know how to play it.

Now it appears The One’s plan is to allow another mass-Amnesty. The pillar of this BS legislation is to include a “path to citizenship” where basically the 12-20 million illegal immigrants will be rewarded for breaking the law by being able to stay. If the roles were reversed and a Gringo tried this in Mexico, what do you think would be his fate?

Not a bad way to pick up 12-12 million grateful, future Democratic voters to add to the rolls via ACORN either is it, the majority of which will need-you guessed it, government programs like welfare, food stamps, tax breaks etc? 12-20 million extra voters will also go a long way to better ensuring these increasing Democratic majorities in each chamber in DC and eventually in nearly every state in the Union for generations to come. Will there be a “Gringo” tax?


Another way to control the people and make sure Democrats keep their ruling majorities is to not only falsify census information (insert ACORN here) but also give more minority representation by giving them more representatives in Congress which I see doing.

Gays/Homosexual rights:

Similar to the Civil Rights Act (or Civil Privledges Act as I call it) a similar Homosexual Rights Act would bar discrimination in similar faccets. The One has promised to meet (cater) with them soon. Expect him to tie this “historic” legislation in with no only the CPA (CRA to progressives) but also to a new hate crimes bill which would give them equal protection.

Future judicial nominees

After immigrant/Puerto Rican/empathtic symbol Sotomayor is forced through and the Republicans roll over without so much as a right for fear of being called racists, the next one will be some black Muslim convert or someone out of the Chicago machine (minority of course-no white males allowed, remember).

He’ll probably nominate an open-homosexual or an Arab just because He can. He is going to test Amerika’s politically correct limits. Justice Abu Al-something. That’s the way Amerika is going.


Its not a coincidence that all of this is happening at such a rapid pace. Its done intentially this way before the electorate has any chance to not only react to the new programs but also an uneducated electorate can’t possibly challenge issues that they aren’t familar with because they haven’t the time to conduct the research on any of the issues.  There are simply too many issues on the plate for any of this to make sense and absorb it all in in order to see if a said policy will work, again that is part of the strategy.

Republicans were laughed at, but soon they will look like prophets if this pace keeps up. Unbelievable. Since when was the Berlin Wall reconstructed and the USSR re-confonfederated? It would be easy for them to say, “I told you so, but, uh, they…..told you so,”

and the voters still didn’t care.

Will they in November 2010 when taxes go up and these issues affect them greater?

While I won’t predict a 1994 II because there is neither a Contract With America deal nor the leadership to push it, its safe to say Republicans will make small gains in the House (I’m hoping for 15 seats) and the Senate (2-3 seats tops anything over that is excellent).

Will it be too late by then? Amerika won’t even look the same (literally and figuratively) after The One is done with it…. and that’s just the way he wants it….